My name is Francisco Redruello and this is my public blog on agro commodities. You can follow me on twitter at @fredruello1 

Softag Intelligence is a free information site containing statistics, charts, price estimates and analysis. The information is shown in a user-friendly format which allows a quick visualisation of trends. Each market snapshot is meant to be read in one minute.

The markets covered include Russia, Ukraine, EU-28, Australia, Argentina and Brazil. The commodities included comprise Wheat, Corn, Soybeans,  Soybean Meals and Barley.

The information is available on the dropdown menu of the right hand side tabs: Markets, CBOT futures/Managed Money/GASC Price Direction.

See below a snapshot sample of one of the markets included.


Softag Intelligence is an independent information site and all the opinions/insights of this site are strictly personal.


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