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Snapshot on Argentinian Corn

Argentinian corn exports over the March 01 -April 25, 2017 period were around 4% up on year, a rise partly reflecting the increase in exports expected for the 2017-18 MY.

The current surplus difference is down to the strong corn crop projected for the 2017-18 MY (+9 mln mt on year)

Argentinian Corn Export Surplus as of April 25 (2017-18 MY Vs 2016-17 MY)

ARG 01Source: AgFlow/Own Estimates – (March-Feb MY)

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 Argentinian Corn S&D Table

ARG 03Source: USDA, IGC, Argentinian Min of Ag/Own Estimates

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Top destinations for Argentinian corn exports include Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia. Preliminary customs data suggest a drop in exports to Indonesia.

Conversely, Argentinian corn exports to Brazil hit the 1.4 mln mt mark over the Jan-Dec 2016 period. Around 263k mt were exported  to Brazil over the Jan-March 2017 period.

 Top Argentinian Corn Export Destinations. 2014-17

ARG 02Source: SENASA, AgFlow

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