Snapshot on Brazilian Corn

Brazilian corn exports over the March 01-April 30, 2017 period lagged behind the levels seen on the previous year, testament to  a slow start of the season.

The large difference in export surplus was a reflection of the bumper crop projected for the 2017-18 MY.

 Brazilian Corn Export Surplus as of May 01. (2017-18 MY Vs 2016-17 MY)

BRA CORN MAY O1 SURPLUSSource: Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Trade/AgFlow/Own Estimates

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 Brazilian Corn S&D Table

BRAZIL CORN SD 12 APRILSource: USDA/Conab/Own Estimates

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Most export destinations suffered from Brazilian weaker output and lower availability for corn export in 2016. Iran was one of the few destinations to register a higher level of corn imports from Brazil.

 Top Brazilian Corn Export Destinations

BRAZIL CORN EXP BY COSource: Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Trade/AgFlow

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